Your New Flipboard: Instagram. Social Search. Speed.


We just released a new edition of Flipboard!

We’re now bringing you social search to find great content across social networks. We have added support for the wildly popular photo sharing social network Instagram. The newest edition of Flipboard is also twice as fast and has been refined for an even more beautiful, cleaner look. We think you will love it.

“We’re thrilled that Flipboard has chosen to integrate with Instagram using our new API.” says Kevin Systrom of Instagram. “It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Flipboard is on the cutting edge of consuming social information on touch devices. It’s only natural, then, that Instagram’s first fully functional presence on the iPad be within Flipboard. The fact that you can now follow, like, and comment on your friends’ photos directly from your iPad makes Instagram more ubiquitous and Flipboard that much more addictive.”

Search across social networks
We made it easier to find stuff by being the first to offer search across social networks. Just type any word into the search box. For instance, a search for “Egypt” will deliver photos on Flickr and Instagram, Facebook Pages and Groups, and tweets that mention Egypt. You can also search for hashtags and use Flipboard to follow conversations on Twitter.

More of everything in one place, including Instagram
You can now add your favorite new social network for photos Instagram to Flipboard. Instagram makes it easy to create and see beautiful photos from people around the world, which makes it perfect for viewing in Flipboard.

Twice as fast with a cleaner, more beautiful layout
Flipboard now loads two times faster with a cleaner layout. The table of contents now has the much anticipated refresh button and a general settings button, which puts more control in your hands. The contents page also includes a shortcut to featured content our team recommends, making finding great content even easier.

Please let us know what you think of the latest edition of Flipboard.
You can send us feedback and suggestions via twitter @flipboard and on our Facebook Page. If you have any technical issues, please contact us via Flipboard Support or We can’t wait to hear your reaction and to begin collecting suggestions for the next round of development. We hope you love this update as much as we do.

If you don’t see the update right away, it will take a few hours to roll out through the App Store, please be patient.

~ JonV


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41 Responses to Your New Flipboard: Instagram. Social Search. Speed.

  1. Dennis says:

    I like the new feature and the speed, however I was less than thrill when a pop up came up with a notification about my iPad being jailbroken. I know you’ll say you will not do anything with this information (wouldn’t mater to me anyway). I have serious issue with Borg mentality, my view is I paid for it I’ll do what I want with it. Looks like now I will be looking for another app.

    • Dennis, we mention it only because Jailbroken iPads can cause conflicts with Flipboard and we can’t offer support for all those variations. We’re not trying to be the Borg. 🙂

      • Geoffrey Wilkes says:

        Exactly what programs are conflicting with flipboard? I’ll be switching to Reeder and ReederHD until I get that information.

      • Troy Fisher says:

        @Inside Flipboard – Can you please provide an overview of how your application determines that the IOS is jailbroken? Can you also provide an overview of all on-board data that is accessed by your application?

        You privacy policy makes no mention of accessing on-board device information beyond device ID, IP address and browser information. If you are collecting additional information, you should update your privacy policy accordingly.

        Thanks for any insight…

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  3. LOVE FLIPBOARD!!!!! I went into a Verizon to purchase a car charger in December and ended up with an iPad, too, due to a preview of FLIPBOARD! Awesome!

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  12. Dan Woog says:

    Very cool. Clean, sharp, quick. You rock.

  13. elias says:

    i finally did it, sorry for the previous comment. delete it if you want!

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  17. Alex Liu says:

    The new version app have a bug,when I switch the input from English to Chinese ,the app quit out.This happen twice today.

  18. Vera says:

    Flipboard was the one of the first iPad apps I got, and I tell all my friends to get this app.

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  22. C Rod says:

    How do I get instagram on my flipboard. I have updated the clipboard app already. I can’t find a way to add instagram to as a section.

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  24. neil says:

    Just got flipboard – loving it! Wondering what’s in store in the near future? A favorite add-in for me is ReadItLater and that would be perfect for something like flipboard

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  26. Zach Fine says:

    I’m also quite curious how the app detects that it is on a jailbroken iPad, and a little worried for the future.

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  29. Tony says:

    Curious why I receive the jailbreak warning on my non jailbroken iPad 1. Bad enough that this error message states the obvious, worse that it states it in error.

  30. Dave Silverstein says:

    Fantastic App folks….you have done a really great job saving me a tremendous amount of time. I have a very long and busy workday and don’t have time to peruse through a multitude of websites looking for interesting content. Flipboard does it for me! I come home from work, open my iPad 2 and go directly to Flipboard for all the latest Tech and World news. I don’t know how I lived without it. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

  31. Silly question: how do I login to instagram from Flipboard. I cannot find the option anywhere?

  32. JEB says:

    I love your app on the iPad but prefer to keep the full functionality of my MacBook Air so I will not be jumping into an iPad any time soon. Is there a version of Flipboard for my notebook or iMac desktop?

    • We recently announced that we are working on an iPhone version, due out this summer. We are also exploring the possibilities for future expansion to new platforms & devices, including possibly a Mac or web version.

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