Get the Latest Edition of Flipboard

We are incredibly excited to offer you the latest edition of Flipboard!

In this major update, we bring you a new set of features to expand and refine your Flipboard experience.  Several of these features are from among of the most requested features we have heard from you, our readers.  Thank you for your valuable suggestions, thoughts, and ideas.  Please keep the excellent feedback coming.  We can’t wait to hear what you think about this new release.

What’s in this new release, you ask?

By far our most requested feature to add was Google Reader.  When we spoke to Google Reader enthusiasts about it further, what we heard was that you wanted Google Reader integrated as a social network.  And that’s what we have done.  We now have deep implementation of Google Reader.  You can browse your folders and your friend’s shared items.  You also have the ability to star, share, and comment on stories.

People love how photos look on the iPad and in Flipboard, which has led to a lot of requests for Flickr support.  Once again, we have heard you loud and clear and we’ve added Flickr as a new social network on Flipboard.  We have added all the colors of Flickr, including your photostream, your favorites, groups, and more.  This brings a whole universe of beautiful images to your Flipboard.

We’ve also added significant new depth to our integration with Facebook and Twitter.  With Facebook, you can flip through your Facebook groups, fan pages, and photos from your feed.  For Twitter, you can also browse your Tweets, Twitter Favorites, @mentions and lists.  You can also tap on a friend’s avatar icon in Flipboard to be brought to their profile or see their tweets.  These were all very popular requests as well. 

You can now create new status updates, post photos, and even share Flipboard pages across Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader, and you can compose a new post from any where inside Flipboard.  You can even cross post between Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader.  If you see an interesting article on Twitter, you can post that story on your Facebook wall.  Simply put, you can post updates from anywhere, to any network.

We’ve made several improvements to Flipboard’s interface by introducing fast switching between sections, browsing feeds and the ability to quickly add them to the table of contents. Just tap on a masthead from anywhere in the magazine and choose from a list of related features and recommended sections for quick viewing. This method of navigating feeds is a completely new way to browse social content; using related feeds and social curation instead of hyperlinks to go from one page to the next.

We have also made a lot of improvements to give you a more beautiful layout, including fully-justified text with hyphenation and faster access to the stories with faster load times.  We have eliminated the “read on web” button and now Flipboard automatically loads the original web page, RSS feed or Flipboard Pages view of a story when a reader taps on an excerpt. There is a deeper integration with Flipboard Pages, a way to display web content in a magazine-style layout that Flipboard is currently testing with nine publishers and creates a beautiful, end-to-end reading experience.

Please let us know what your think of the latest edition of Flipboard.

You can send us feedback and suggestions via twitter @flipboard and on our Facebook Page.  If you have any technical issues, please contact us via or  We can’t wait to hear your reaction and to begin collecting suggestions for the next round of development.  We hope you love this update as much as we do.

NOTE: If you don’t see the update right away, it will take a few hours to roll out through the App Store, please be patient.

~ JonV


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52 Responses to Get the Latest Edition of Flipboard

  1. Allyn says:

    This is awesome news and I can’t wait to get the update. Thanks for listening.

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  3. sohail says:

    This app looks awesome, specially after getting app of the year award from Apple. Need to check it now 🙂

  4. Octav Druta says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! Bravo, bravo, bravo! I love this update! Flipboard is one of the killer apps for the iPad.

  5. jeff says:

    simply the best

  6. Quobetah says:

    RSS Finally! Now I can dump pulse! 🙂

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  8. Si Brindley says:

    Hmm, this might be the holy grail… one app to rule them all. It certainly sounds ambitious. I’m looking forward to finding out, just as soon as I can pry my iPad off the kids.

  9. Kevin says:

    Very impressive features! 2010 App of the Year title is very well deserved.

    Question about Google Reader integration: Does Flipboard store Google account creds on its servers?


    • Kevin says:

      Can someone from Flipboard team please respond to this question as well as a related security (encryption) question below? Thanks.

      “Will Flipboard ever send my Google or Flickr password unencrypted? I use my iPad on public networks.”

  10. This is very, very, very good news. I fear for the magazine and newspaper industry 🙂

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  13. Charlie says:

    Can you please add support for Read It Later? I keep trying Flipboard, find myself falling in love, only to find myself back in Pulp a few days later just so I can save to RIL again.

  14. Steve Pettit says:

    How about adding the latest News about Radio Control Aircraft Competitions!

    There is an awfully large audience of RC Fliers & we spent an outrageous amount of money on our Sport !!!

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  19. Barbara says:

    I can’t figure out how to log in to my Flickr account. It keeps trying to set me up with a new account. Help!

  20. Ray says:

    I’m curious to the google sync process. If I were to go back to the main flipboard home page, I don’t want to flip through the stories that I’ve already read yet they still appear. We (or I) need a way to refresh the sync to only show the unread content.

  21. Carlo says:

    Fliboard is just awesome. Thank you for listening to your users and implementing them so quickly. Thank you once again and Happy Holidays!

  22. Pub Msu says:

    How to SKIP already read pages in Google Reader? Having to flip through all the already-read pages is a usability flaw.

    Also, when/how does Flipboard show the new items that come *after* user starts flipping pages?

    Starring should be added in the touch menu that pops up when an item title is long-touched.

  23. Jamie McCarthy says:

    Will Flipboard ever send my Google or Flickr password unencrypted? I use my iPad on public networks.

  24. Charlotte says:

    Hi, I’ve had the previous edit of flipboard installed in my iPad. Could you advise how I can update it to the latest edition? Thanx.

  25. I wrote up a follow-up.. Check it out..

  26. Andy says:

    Am I the only one who still can’t retweet anything on Flipboard if I connect my bluetooth keyboard? It seems to disable the “Post to…” option altogether.

  27. Brian says:

    I was so excited to see the flickr support, but it turns out it is useless without being able to see the photo descriptions. I figured out how to see the comments, but not the description, which means I still have to go directly to flickr instead of being able to have it aggregated into Flipboard.

  28. Steve C says:

    The Reader integration is excellent, congrats (and this is coming from someone who’s been conditioned to be disappointed by “reader integrations”).

    But I have one suggestion – and if you did this well the app would be truly great – lift the friend comments up more. When I look at a shared item, I think I’m interested in the title first, my friends’ comments about it second, a photo or video from the post (if one is available) third, and the body of the post after that. It would be great if the friends’ comments were somehow “lifted up” more…not a click away, but just as prominent, if not moreso, than the article itself.

    A social newspaper. If you can do that you’ll be beating reader itself (you already have the clear advantage in presentation).

    Great work.

    • Steve C says:

      Ok I just realized that I can share on Reader but I can’t Share on Reader With Comment. Consider this a feature request (high priority for us Reader junkies).

  29. Rachmat says:

    I very very very like it

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  31. Blessing says:

    I got an iPad as a gift for Xmas and this is my favorite app…love it. Thank you!

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  33. Ben says:

    When playing videos from YouTube it ignores the mute switch on the iPad.

  34. Francisco says:

    Flipboard, you right. We love how beatiful look images on Flipboard app and if you includ picassa, uff, that will be great for us. Love Flipboard, is just a jewel of app.

  35. Francisco says:

    Please include the ability to increase fonts.

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  37. Lori says:

    It seems i can only create/organize my flipboard apps on 2 pages – one being the info page, then a second full one. When i scroll to the third page, it defaults to open the first one on the first page.

    Its a really fabulous app but what i want to do is consolidate and avoid, say, google reader altogether. I just wanted to see if i was doing something incorrectly or if, in fact, the number of pages is capped. Thanks!

  38. LGgeek (Dennis McCarney) says:

    I love Flipboard one of the best apps done for iPad, Murdock should have just used you guys to handle the content for the Daily. My only concern is the content providers will try and limit what can be accessed via Flipboard. I want this technology and you guys to survive, if it comes to it I have no problem paying for the app or some kind of subscription model you could work out with Content providers. Can’t say it enough the design is first-rate.

  39. miApples says:

    This App is what sold me on the iPad last year.
    Essential for the full iPad experience!
    5 Stars.
    (Also great update!)

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