This Week’s Picks – November 5

Happy Friday!

It’s time to load up your Flipboard with some cool, new sections.

With the holidays coming up, and money still being tight for many of us, we have Budget Travel, a section with lots of great econo travel tips.

Hungry for something else, but you have no idea what?  Add Daily Dinner, Kraft Food’s daily recipe recommendation.  Now that’s what I call a featured “feed.”

Budget Travel is dedicated to making travel accessible to all.

Daily Dinner - easy, delicious Kraft Foods recipes every day.

PBS MediaShift tracks how technology & the Internet are changing our world.

Curating Reddit content for Flipboard.

The Weather Channel is the premier provider of weather information.

PBS MediaShift is “your guide to the digital media revolution” and you are taking part on this revolution, one Flip at a time.

Reddit for Flipboard. What can we say? Reddit + Flipboard = FUN.

The clocks fall back this weekend, so it’s definitely time to start keeping a closer eye on The Weather Channel.

Enjoy all the new sections!

~ JonV

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2 Responses to This Week’s Picks – November 5

  1. Brett Miller says:

    Flipboard on the iPad is awesome. When can we look forward to this being released for other devices? Mac client anytime soon?


    Brett Miller

  2. Jay Corey says:

    By far my favorite app – pure brilliance, thanks guys!

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