This Week’s Picks – October 15

Here are the Featured Picks for the week. These great feeds are now available to be added to your Flipboard.

Breaking News, Business, Entertainment and World news from CBS News.

Daily Candy - Delivering the very best in style, food, fashion, and funfor free via e-mail, video, and the Web.

VISO Trailers is the #1 destination for everything movie related!

Wiki Leaks - We open governments.

Zester Daily The Culture of Food and Wine.








To access new feeds, select an empty content box, tap “Add a Section” and you will see a list of available sections to add. If you do not have an empty content box available, tap “Edit” in the top right of your content page and delete an existing item by tapping the X.

Your Table of Contents could then look a lot like this:

Have a great week and happy Flipping!

~ JonV

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2 Responses to This Week’s Picks – October 15

  1. I like Flipboard ,But one thing i hope update it as soon The Content page have 2 pages Max adding .I’id like unlimte Content pages be add.

  2. Cavisdi says:

    Agreeeee , two pages is nothing. 10 pages or more pls

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