Spotlight: Share Your Covers

One thing we absolutely love about Flipboard is seeing all the different covers people create with it.  We share ours with each other in the office all the time.  Even better, we are seeing people in the community sharing their covers with each other, and this is great!

Here’s a simply fantastic example:

Isn’t that just beautiful?

This cover was captured by a friend, in his Flipboard, from his friend’s feed.  It was posted by @leecraven and the image originally belongs to @undomesticdiva .  When I contacted her for permission to reuse the photo, she mentioned she is a photographer.  If you would like to see more of her photos, or if you are in need of a photographer’s services in Southern Califormia, here is her site:

Please feel not just free to send us your cover images, but feel encouraged to do so!  You can post them to our Facebook page, Tweet them to @flipboard, or email them to me directly.

We love seeing them and you may find your cover featured on Inside Flipboard.

Hope you’re having a terrific week, Flipsters!

~ JonV

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7 Responses to Spotlight: Share Your Covers

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  2. Shawn says:

    I’m sure this is a stupid question to be greeted with ridicule but how do you make a cover. Would love to, have some nice pics, but don’t know how to do it.

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  5. Donald G says:

    Hi. Where is your company’s policy regarding copyright for our images that we contribute via “Share Your Covers” located on your site?

    • Hi Donald, great question, the policy is in our Terms of Service and is says, basically:
      – By submitting a cover image, you’re representing that you own the rights to the image and giving us a license to use it when running Flipboard and for promotional purposes.
      – Other than that, you still own the copyright for your image.

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