FlipTip: Now you can “Read Later”

Good news!  Now you can save articles you see in Flipboard.

We use a great online service called Instapaper.  Instapaper is “a simple tool to save web pages for reading later,” so you can file your favorite articles to browse, bookmark, and enjoy later.

To activate this feature, first you have to visit instapaper.com and create an account.  This is a very basic account creation, it will only take you a few seconds to complete.

Then, to turn the feature on for Flipboard follow these steps:

  1. Go to your iPad Settings, then to Flipboard
  2. Select “Experimental”, then Instapaper
  3. Input your Instapaper user info

Now, go back to Flipboard, open an article, and access the options in the top right of the page.  There will now be a “Read Later” button, like in the image attached to this article.  Tapping that will post the item to your Instapaper.  Visit your Instapaper account at instapaper.com to retrieve your saved links.

Happy Flipping & Saving!

~ JonV

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28 Responses to FlipTip: Now you can “Read Later”

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  2. Heiko says:

    Do you only support Instapaper or Read It Later, too.

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  4. Tom Newton says:

    Hi Flipboard,

    This is a nice feature… but…

    What would be even more useful would be the ability to add your Instapaper feed as a flipboard tile, so you can read your instapaper feed right inside of flipboard. Most people add to their Instapaper list throughout the day, typically from the bookmarklet in their browsers. It would be great if you could then use flipboard to read that content.

    Please add this! You guys are fairly switched on, so I would imagine it is already in the works… 😉

    Keep up the good work.


    • Tyler Clark says:

      I’m not sure you have figured this out but you can add your instapaper feed to Google reader then create a folder in Google reader and set a up a new flipboard tile to just read that folder.

  5. Basem says:

    I’m sure the Flipboard knows about this: Flipboard is the best of its kind. Make it work offline. No Instapaper. There doesn’t need to be a connection to allow for offline browsing. I know i would pay for that.

  6. Andre Siregar says:

    This is great! Please add integration with Read It Later too. Thanks.

  7. Mitlenatch says:

    Another plea for Read It Later. Pretty please?

  8. Dennis Woo says:

    Agreed, read it later support would be most appreciated! And used!

  9. Yaniv says:

    Thank you for this new feature. Also wishing to have a “Read it Later” support.

  10. Tony R says:

    Yeh…I was stoked until I saw ” read later” didn’t mean offline. I would like to be able to cache some content for browsing thru flipboard during flights with no wifi.

  11. Andrew says:

    +1 for Read it Later! (The official Twitter app integrates with RiL)

  12. Einer says:

    It is a great feature but one thing is wrong. When we press that button we can’t see anything happening. In twitter app (and most of other apps with instapaper integration) there is a overlay message saying “saving…done”. Small thing but very usable. How about adding it to the flipboard? Sometimes i feel like i have to press that button again because i don’t know if there was any result.

    There is a but also when trying to save it from website view. Sometimes it saves content of websites widgets instead of website itself but i guess it’s instapaper fault not Flipboard.

  13. felipe vaz says:

    add Read it Later support, please! I can’t live without it!

  14. Niels says:

    +1 for “Read It Later”
    +1 for being able to read it offline

    I’m using Read It Later a lot to bookmark sites during the day, to read it later at home and I would love to use my iPad to flip through the articles.

    And not just at home, but also while traveling, so making the articles available offline would be great.

  15. Paul Russell says:

    Flipboard is wonderful! Can you please add support for “Read it Later?”

    • Paul Russell says:

      Just to clarify, I’d like to use Read it Later to save articles for future reading.

      • Mitlenatch says:

        Ditto what Paul says. The intent of my earlier request is to be able to tag an article I’m reading from within Flipboard so I can access it later (from anywhere) via Read it Later.

        Some of the others in this thread appear to be looking for it to work in reverse (i.e. browse already tagged Read it Later articles inside Flipboard), but that’s not what I am requesting.

        Just so ya know 🙂 Thanks.

  16. Liz G says:

    Have you added the tiles for Instapaper or Stumbler yet.. Would love them as options.

  17. Lauro Valente says:

    1 for read it later
    1 for irrigue reading

    -1 for instapaper, this Service is gordinha when in comparisson with read it later.

  18. Johan says:

    Late to the party, but I’d just like to add my +1 for “Read It Later” as well.

  19. Brandon says:

    Begging you for read it later support!

  20. Jason Smith says:

    Another vote for Read it Later!

  21. Min Lee says:

    + Read It Later

  22. Un altro says:

    +1 for “ReadItLater”
    +1 for offline reading option

  23. Andy says:

    Another for Read It Later please! 🙂

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