Flipboard Update 1.0.2

We are very happy to announce the latest update for Flipboard has been released!  Version 1.0.2 adds several new improvements, including an increase in the number of content tiles, a more active Table of Contents, covers now have a URL in the top right just tap the link to be taken to the page, retweet with comment, improved video playback, limited offline viewing, tighter page layout, and improved recommendations.  This is still only just the beginning.  We have plans to add a lot more functionality to Flipboard soon.

What’s new in this version?

More sections: up to 21 tiles and you can now remove Facebook or Twitter sections
Fresher content: Table of Contents updates every 15 minutes; faster automatic “load more” at the end of a section
Even better layout: tighter layout when articles don’t have text; new inline web site previews
Better recommendations: add sections by category; new tips for adding custom feeds
Other features: Retweet with comment; offline viewing of excerpts and updates; improved video playback; covers now have a URL in the top right, tap the link to be taken to the page; enhanced Facebook feed fidelity

Download Update 1.0.2 from iTunes here.

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For Support: http://www.flipboard.com/support

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17 Responses to Flipboard Update 1.0.2

  1. Franko says:

    whoohoo! can we get rid of the facebook tile if we don’t have facebook yet? because that would be awesome.

  2. Yes, you can now remove both the Facebook and Twitter content boxes and you can add them at any time later. Thus, by your logic, it is awesome. 🙂

  3. Mike Lee says:

    Any chance of being able to pull in Facebook Fan pages in a future update?

  4. Mayim says:

    Thank you, thank you! LOVE Flipboard. It’s the reason for the iPad’s existence. And I would QA it for free.

  5. Jenter says:

    Are multiple twitter accounts possible now?

  6. @diegorv says:

    Thanks!! Flipboard is the best app on Ipad!

    Nice update! 🙂

    But i’m still waiting for add my RSS in Flipboard… I really need that!

    I love your work!


  7. Maxime says:

    How does the offline reading work ?

  8. wombatkish says:

    Nice update. Didn’t think I’d find another view of FB useful, but it really is. I see things FB things from a different perspective (including pictures I didn’t notice the other ways).

  9. cindcat says:

    woo-hoo!! I was so excited at first w/ Flipboard. Then all of a sudden I saw nothing but a different format for Facebook. TURNED ME OFF!! I’ll go to FB if I want FB, but it’s articles around the world I’m after. Haven’t tried it yet, but hope to see it like it was when first started.

  10. fernando says:

    Great, Flipboard get’s better and better everything time, is my most visited and enjoyable app in my iPad.
    Please keep it up!

  11. Karsten Seiferlin says:

    Google Reader Full sync support please?

    Flipboard is by far the best reader anywhere in the universe, but it doesn’t offer the right contents for me. I’d love to read my RSS feeds here!

  12. ooglek says:

    I. Love. Flipboard. The Pseudo-rss feeds for TUAW, Slashdot and Engadget, though they just read the twitter feed, actually follow the shortened URLs and pull the content into Flipboard. Smart, intelligent, eliminates the need for RSS, and does so in a sexy sexy way.

    I don’t know what your business model is, but if you want me to pay for it, I will. I want you to succeed.

  13. Gdiddy says:

    This is great. Enjoying this a ton. But can you create lists within flipboard? When I add a tile I can only use existing lists which means i’d have to follow more people.

    • At this time you can only use the existing Twitter lists. You don’t have to follow everyone you add to a list, you can just add them to a list. That’s what’s nice about how lists work, you can organize your stream a bit better, keeping your friends and important contacts in your live stream, and moving things your interested in some times to a list you can check when ever (or that special feed you created just to see in Flipboard!). Hepe this helps.

  14. Is there a way to create a post in facebook through flipboard? Love this thing.

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