Comments From the Couch

A huge thank you to our beta users, who have given us invaluable feedback on Flipboard throughout this journey:

Alan Cannistraro, Phillip Chin, Douglas Garcia, Jesse Jacobs, Saul Klein, Justin Ko, Ashton Kutcher, Christopher “Cricket” Hynes, Nundu Janakiram, David Lee, Marcia Lee, Alfred Lin, Thomas Liou, Adam Lisagor, Marc Liyanage, Thomas Loverro, Ellen Pao, Lauren Pedrazzi, Paul Pedrazzi, Pat Pendergast, Zak Portusach, Danny Rimer, Robert Scoble, Jessa Sharkey, Jack Stahl, Scott Strain, Randal Truong, Mike Volpi, Jamie Wu, and many others.

Here’s what they’ve said about Flipboard.

“My favorite part has to be flipping through pages of glossy photos. The photos materialize instantly and that makes all the difference.” — Tom

“I use Flipboard all evening long. It has made my iPad useful and brings me great photos, the latest news, funny videos, items from my friends and more. It has totally changed my view of what the future of publishing is.” — Robert Scoble

“In only a few weeks its become one of my default apps on the iPad, proudly on the toolbar after mail and calendar (and before Google).” — Saul

“I think Flipboard sets a new standard in social media presentation. I believe it will change the way people relate with their online existence.” — Ashton

“I like to see virtually live content rendered so beautifully. I feel like I’m watching and participating at the same time.” — Danny

“Who knew what a huge difference that a small change like no scrolling can make to the way we consume media and how much more enjoyable it would be.” — Alfred

“Effortless to use and real-time. The reason I got an iPad in the first place — Flipboard and games.” — Thomas

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19 Responses to Comments From the Couch

  1. Eddie Nelson says:

    Fantastic job guys!!! This is certainly the way ahead for presenting content like this. It has brought the normal ‘dull’ content from social networking sites ALIVE!! It looks and feel real and it normally renders so quickly.

    Great job, great recovery from the first day or twos problems. Keep up the good work.

    Eddie Nelson. (Very satisfied customer in the UK)

  2. Goran P says:

    It is trully amazing what you guys created. Congrats!

  3. Loving flip board! Fantastic way to bring my iPad to life. It’s my first on-app every day. Now; can you add linkedIn?

  4. Kevin says:

    Ecxellent App! Flipboard re- defines what an iPad app should be. It makes Facebook and Twitter exciting again.

  5. BoyBrocks says:

    Loving Flipboard. One app that is staying on the first page of my iPad. Great work everyone!

  6. Kathie B says:

    Thanks for such a great app! It has become my go-to on my iPad every night! Now I’m looking for a way to personalize it for my 5th grade classroom…send any suggestions my way! #babine5

  7. Joep de Groot says:

    WOW! What an app. It makes Twitter and other social media so much more usefull. Can you add Linked in?

  8. Melody says:

    What a fabulous application! It completes my iPad. Adding linkedIn would be icing on the cake. Thanks for such an innovative app!

  9. LOA says:

    Great app. How ’bout adding an Instapaper “read later” button on your browser? Or at least a bookmark where the app opens where you left off.

  10. Francisco Mesa says:

    Is there a forum or similar where I can post my comments?

  11. Eric says:

    With screen after screen of apps, I keep coming back to Flipboard. Awesome. Will the future include multiple Twitter accounts?

  12. Ken R says:

    Flipboard has opened the world for me way beyond what the unembellished Internet offers. How did you know that user-defined graphical-based aggregation would be so addictive. Can’t go to bed without flipping all contents to find out what the synapses around the web are firing off. Thank you, Flipboarders!

  13. Beyond amazing. Thank you for understanding and implementing the beauty and function of print design to my iPad. It’s flawless even in it’s infancy. I know it’s hard… But try to avoid the temptation making it better. It’s perfect.

  14. Hey, I’m really digging Flipboard on my iPad so far and blogged about it a few weeks ago.

    It seems really cool with Facebook but somewhat delayed – is there a way to refresh? For example, when I go to Facebook via Flipboard I only get a couple of today’s posts and the next page is stuff from yesterday. If I go to Facebook there is a ton of fresh new stuff that never seems to appear in the Flipboard version. It is me and some sort of preference I’m missing?

    I’m also hoping Flipboard will play nice with Blogger some time soon, Ive got a few blogs I started in 2004 and it’d be great to view,mead and share via Flipboard.

    Great start, dig the concept and hope the above is addressed or at least acknowledged some time soon!



  15. Adi Respati says:

    I love Flipboard. I miss out less and less information I’m supposed to keep track. Hard to believe that this is beta phase.

  16. Dan holden says:

    Awesome app! Beautiful presentation, brings an entirely new dimension to social platforms!

  17. Abi Thomas says:

    Hi there

    Loving Flipboard. Any chance of being able to add in your Twitter favourites?

    Many thanks, Abi

  18. David millar says:

    I need you to add a post to facebook link too. Put an easy link to email you or rate/ twitter you where your logo is. Otherwise outstanding product. You are real onto something here.

  19. eFromDC says:

    First, this is an abolutely AMAZING app. Anything that can get my 67 year old father to embrace technology? Yeah, you guys have made a fan for life 🙂

    However (and I’m going to DM this to you guys via twitter as well), I’d like to request the option of sorting both “by source” and “timeline mode.” By source, meaning just like you have it now. Timeline mode being reverse chronologically (newest to oldest) as if it were the same source: ABC News, Bon App, SF Gate, ATD, Uncrate rendered by date of publication / integration into FB…

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